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Winter Warmer Sausage selection

Winter Warmer Sausage selection

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This selection of sausages will brighten up any dark winters night. Sausages are comfort food at its best. As a special winter offer we are not charging the £11.50 p&p on this package. You get the 12 x 454g packs below (6 sausages per pack.) All these sausages are fantastic in the classic winter warmer bangers and mash. However, there are also some other recipe ideas with each variety of sausage in the selection.

1x454g Pork and Leek (75% Pork)- why not try with a cheese sauce instead of gravy on sausage, mash, cauliflower and broccoli. Works brilliantly with the leeks in the sausage, potato and the veg

1x454g Toulouse Garlic (95% pork) This sausage works brilliantly in any casserole or the classic French cassoulet

1x454g Linconshire (88% pork) Try in a classic toad in the hole

1x454g Pork, Apple, Cider and Sage (80% pork)- A great sausage cooked in cider with red cabbage, apples and onions

1x454g Venison Recurrent and Port (60% venison 19% pork fat)- Wonderful in a game casserole

1x454g Spanish Chorizo (80% pork) Cook with chicken, paprika, wine and tomatoes

1x454g Sweet Italian (95% pork) Try in a pasta dish with wine and tomato sauce. Can either cook sausages whole or take out skins and use as a beautifully flavored mince

1x454g Sussex Savoury (97% pork) This meaty sausage would be fantastic in a chicken, sausage and bacon pie

1x454g Wild Boar, apple and Calvados (75% wild boar) Try with rigatoni, wed wine and rosemary for a hearty pasta dish

1x454g American Smokey (86% pork) great in a hot dog with all the trimmings and some sweet potato wedges

1x454g Beef and Guinness (86% beef) why not make colcannon mash and a rich Guinness gravy to go with this sausage

1x454g Lamb and mint (60% lamb 28% beef) how about the sausages sauteed  with mixed peppers, celery and onions

The sausages are made in Sidlesham, south of Chichester.

  • No mechanically recovered meat
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No trimmings, colourings, or preservatives
  • No monosodium glutamate
  • And no other artifiicial additives
  • No Nasties!




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