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Special Country Sausage

Special Country Sausage

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This high-meat pork sausage is based on the famous Cumberland sausage and is peppery in flavour. It is an essential at barbecues and goes well under the grill at home. Never prick an O'Hagan's sausage.

Ingredients: 86% pork, oats, water, sea salt, pepper, other herbs and spices.

The sausages made in Sidlesham, south of Chichester, West Sussex.

  • No mechanically recovered meat
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No trimmings, colourings, or preservatives
  • No monosodium glutamate
  • And no other artifiicial additives
  • No Nasties!

Sold in 454g packs or 2.3kg packs

£3.85 per pack. In stock
£15.50 per pack. In stock

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