O'Hagan's quality British sausages and burgers. Local hog roast and catering services.

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Why do we have a Minimum Order?

As you know our sausages are somewhat special!

They are produced with 100% fresh ingredients and absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives, so everything is prepared and packaged specially for each customer.

All our sausages are packed to ensure they arrive in excellent condition and are shipped to ensure they spend the minimum amount of time in transit - normally overnight. Since we use no additives or preservatives our sausages should be eaten within 3 days if kept refrigerated.

However, don't forget, because our sausages are made fresh they can be frozen as soon as you receive them, then defrosted and cooked whenever you like.

Some of our customers also get together with friends, neighbours and/or work colleagues to place an order for everyone at once, which is a great way to buy, especially with the party season and Christmas just around the corner!