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In the Media

As an innovator in the sausage industry Bill O’Hagan has appeared in every national newspaper at least twice.

He has has made numerous T.V and radio appearances. These include The Paul O’Grady Show, Good Morning, The Big Breakfast, The Money Program and Gloria Honeyford Show.

The most famous was the forty minute BBC2 documentary, "Blood on the Carpet, Sausage Wars." The program documented the underhand tricks used by supermarkets and colleagues to learn Bill’s secrets.

Although the program highlighted a dark period in O’Hagan’s history it gave a brilliant account of the business’s infamous history.

Below are just some of the comments from the press:

What the press say

"... as you go into the shop your nostrils are assaulted by a barrage of aromas that would render a French charcutiere speechless."
What's Brewing

"... there you will smell fresh garlic, chervil, nutmeg and fresh herbs, too numerous to mention."
Meat Trades Journal

"... thankfully quality sausage-makers are making a comeback, determined to sever links with those rogue sausages, full of grease and rusk and packed into artificial skins."
Brighton Argus

"... they're the best. There is no doubt we owe it to him. He has created the revival of the sausage."
Chef Albert Roux
BBC2 TV "Blood on the Carpet"

"... the best sausages I have ever tasted. They are the real thing made with real skins (they don't burst when you cook them) and proper cuts of meat."
The Sunday Times

"... O'Hagan has elevated a humble food into the realms of haute cuisine. The insistence on quality and natural ingredients has established Bill as the King of Sausages."
Taste Magazine