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O' Hagan's famous Hog Roast


Hog Roast is the perfect outdoor catering option to feed a hefty group of hungry carnivores. The theatre of a whole, slow-cooked hog or lamb being carved off the bone in front of guests is enough to whet any appetite and create a fantastic centre-piece to any event, formal or informal.

The time spent cooking the animal in its own juices means it is succulent and full of flavour, while the scored and salted skin makes for crackling that is to die for! Enquire about our hog and sausage package which will provides 150 portions of pork and 150 hot dogs from any of our range of sausages at an affordable rate.

All pig and lamb roasts can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Come taste our swine! You will love it!


How we make our Hog Roast: Traditional Hog Roast in Sussex and Hampshire

  • We source all our pigs (or lambs) locally in Sussex or Hampshire
  • Each pig feeds up to 150 people and is slow-cooked (spit roasted) to perfection
  • We provide rolls, apple sauce, stuffing  and traditional condiments
  • We can also provide a variety of salads, salsas as well as our famous gourmet sausages, burgers, fish, marinated meats and other foods to satisfy all your requirements.


Common questions and answers about O'Hagan's spit roast events:

1. Question. What areas do you cover?

Answer. Mainly all southern counties - Hampshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Dorset but events further afield are also considered.

2. Q. How long does it take for the food to be ready to serve/eat?

A. Our pigs are slow cooked for 6 hours and baste in their own juice making them wonderfully succulent and flavoursome. Lambs are cooked for over 3 hours which makes an already tender meat melt in the mouth.

3. Q. What's the best time of the year to hold a hog roast event?

A. Traditionally warm summer days are ideal for any form of outdoor events, however our spit roasting service is available anytime of the year. We bring our own Gazebo's so no matter what the weather is, we can cook outdoors.

4. Q. What do I need to hold a spit roasting event?

A. A bit of outdoor space for us to set up the Gazebo's and a lot of hungry guests!

5. Q. Is there anything I need to know about the booking process?

A. You can book your lamb or hog roast event in advance anytime of the year. £100 deposit will hold the date for you. Please note we book up very fast between May and August and we strongly suggest contacting us sooner rather than later for events planned for the summer months to avoid disappointment.


Call us today on 01243 649 133 fill out our Contact Form to book your next lamb or hog roast event. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Spit Roast by O'Hagan's - Lamb and Pig