Sausage recipes, more than just bangers and mash

Who doesn’t like Sausage and mash and a fried breakfast

There are so many different sausage recipes. You could eat sausages everyday for a year and eat a different meal. Unfortunately, people often only associate sausages with the cheap rubbish that are regularly served as hot dogs, with breakfasts or in sausage and mash. Don’t get me wrong, when those 3 are made with decent sausages they are heaven! Sausage and mash is still my favorite meal and has been since I was 5. You can’t beat good quality sausages with a creamy mash and rich meat gravy. Although, the rubbish sausages that are served in too many places often limit peoples view on sausages. They are actually one of the most versatile foods around. Sausage recipes can be created for comfort meals, fast food or a fine dining experience

Wow wow wow what did you say about my sausage!

I recently took samples into a restaurant, when I was told, this is a high-end place and they don’t do sausages. This is wrong on so many levels and very frustrating. Firstly, it proves many still associate sausages with the dreadful mass produced and cheap offerings. A real sausage using the finest cuts of meat and packed full of flavor using great ingredients, herbs and spices could sit on any fine dining menu. Good producers agonize for hours getting the right balance of flavors into a skin. Secondly, sausage and mash can be made by a good chef to be a great culinary experience with creative thinking or just good ingredients and execution. Thirdly and most importantly sausages are hugely versatile. They go in so many other dishes around the world. A good cassoulet, fantastic sausage pastas and the numerous Merguez couscous dishes are just a few. Not only this but when you consider all the diverse types of sausage from around the world and vast range of flavors in them. Creative chefs can make infinite innovative delicacy’s.

It is the mantra of many top chefs to turn good quality everyday ingredients into culinary masterpieces, sausages should be no different! They shouldn’t just be thought of as bread in a skin that cheap catering wagons or cafes sell. As the old saying goes, ‘there are 3 types of bread, white, brown and sausages!’ The fact that those types of sausages, opposed to the high-end ones good producers make, have the same name is misleading. It means superior quality sausages get pigeon holed as cheap and just fit for low end fry ups, hot dogs, bangers and mash. A good sausage, makes any of those so so much better, but also can do a lot more!

A curry what?

One of my good friends and chef Adam Sparshatt did a fantastic dish at one of his pop up restaurants. Using one of our Goan curry sausages he did ‘Goan curry sausage, arancini and bantam egg’. It was amazing and just highlights how creative thinking can propel the ‘humble’ sausage into a fine dining course.

Why not try something new, great sausage recipes

As I said at the beginning, I am not knocking the fry up, hot dogs or sausage and mash. There is a reason, they are Britons favorite way to eat sausages. It is just the fact that to many people associate sausages with cheap ones often served in those dishes. Using quality sausages would elevate those British classics beyond believe. Sausages can also be used in so much more. Below are some of my favorite dishes on-line. Enjoy one of the most versatile foods in something new!

Cassoulet try with Toulouse sausages

Risotto try with 95% pork cumberland sausages

Pasta try with Sweet Italian sausages

Try with smokey pork sausages

Try with Merguez

Moroccan Merguez and Vegetable Tagine Recipe

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