Handcrafted by the Family

O'Hagan's award winning sausages are handcrafted daily using the finest fresh ingredients and absolutely no mechanically recovered meat, genetically modified ingredients, colourings, preservatives or any other artificial additives. The seasonings used are only mixed by the family. Many of the recipes have been researched over many years and are authentic dating back centuries, while others are O'Hagan's own creations. O' Hagan's pride themselves on having been pioneers in the Great British sausage revival of the 1980s, leading to a vast improvement in quality throughout the industry. O' Hagan's still adheres rigidly to Bill 'O 'Hagan's founding principles, a quality which distinguishes the company to this day from all other sausage-makers. In recognition of the company's achievements, they have twice recieved awards from the British Meat And Livestock Commission, despite never having entered a competition. As well as making Britian's finest handcrafted quality sausages, O' Hagan's provide excellent service at a variety of outside catering events and functions, such as weddings, corporate events, parties and festivals. These include hog-roasts and fantastic sausage BBQs with a variety of other services available.